Septic Repairs

At times your septic tank can overflow or leak, causing an odorous mess. When that happens, you need a septic tank repair service as soon as possible. Call Dale Johnson Backhoe in Commerce, GA to get that resolved immediately!

At Dale Johnson Backhoe, we have been providing residents with reliable septic tank repair for years! Whether it’s a potentially hazardous leak, a tank that is not working as it should, or any other kind of issue, we can fix it with reliable septic repair, while advising you on the best options to keep your tank working properly in the future.

If it seems that your septic system is beyond repair, or if you would like for us to set up a septic tank system for you, we provide septic replacements. If you do not know how to maintain your septic tank, don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable technicians. They will be more than willing to help inform you on how to maintain and care for your septic system for continued functionality.

Dale Johnson Backhoe can also provide septic pumping. Contact us in Commerce, GA today for more information about our septic repairs and other plumbing services!